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The second largest choose Automatic waste conveying systems in the world again in Saudi Arabia!

MariMatic is currently delivering Pneumatic another waste collection systems to Saudi Arabia. The new Masar Boulevard area in Makkah consists of both hotels and apartment hotels.

In total, real estate is being built on more than 210 plots in the Masar area. The price of land in the area is probably the most expensive in the world.

The developer of the project is Umm Al Qura Development and Construction Company (UAQ). The estimated amount of waste in the boulevard area is about 300 tons per day.

The waste collection, conveying and transfer system supplied by MariMatic will be the second largest in the world. The world’s largest waste system is also located in Makkah, the al-Masjid al-Ḥarām mosque, with a capacity of 600 tons of waste per day.

In addition, MariMatic has signed a new agreement with Saudi Bin Ladin Group (SBG) to expand the mosque system (the largest in the world) to an area called Mataf.

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