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Amsterdam: a new Pneumatic Waste Collection project based on Innovation, Reliability and Performance

A unique piece of Amsterdam will be developed on Zeeburgereiland - Sluisbuurt. This high-rise neighborhood is characterized by densities, of about 375 homes per hectare, which have never been developed on this scale in Amsterdam.

In the field of waste separation, there are ambitious municipal and national targets. That is why the municipality of the Sluisbuurt has been looking for a new way to collect waste and finally, decided to install Pneumatic Waste Collection.

Four fractions will be collected through the inlets: residual waste, GFE (Vegetables, Fruit in Food Scraps), OPK (Old Paper Cardboard) in PMD (Plastic, Metals in Drinking Suits). The system can be easily adapted if waste fractions change in the future. The inlets are located at locations that residents have to visit every day (in the porch, for example). This makes separating waste as simple as possible for users.

The tender for the UAV-GC DBMO contract was completed in mid-May 2020. MariMatic Oy, co-founder of IPWCA from Finland has been awarded the contract.

MariMatic will further elaborate and design their design in the coming period to ensure that the first residents of the Sluisbuurt can use the PWC from the start and will operate the system for at least 25 years.

The Municipality of Amsterdam has sought expertise in the field of Underground Waste Transport Systems. Different companies were involved during the tender phase: Home and Taselaar, Sweco and Fugro among others.

This tender is a big step forward as it is focused not only in price but specially in innovation, reliability and performance of the system

Some figures about the project: 5,500 homes, 100,000m2 other program, Approx. 6550 tons of waste / year, Approx. 5300 m HDPE pipe and approx. 360 inlets

Congratulations to MariMAtic Oy!


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