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Teaching Future Smart Cities Managers

The prestigious ZIGURAT - Global Institute of Technology is organizing a full Master about "Smart City Managers", a degree by IL3- University of Barcelona.

IPWCA, in collaboration with KUN (knwoUrbanNet) is responsible for the Module 2: New technologies and models of urban waste management. No doubt that PWC will be one of the main topics.

The Master’s Program gives a multidisciplinary and international approach to the emerging technological tools in urban planning, especially those that effectively respond to urban challenges.

Ideal for professionals looking to lead the digital transformation of urban design and sustainable cities.

About zigurat: Zigurat is more than a technological institute: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is now a global network that has managed to unite industry and technology, with professionals and the best teaching practices, to contribute to the advancement of the AECO sector with a disruptive, advanced, and innovative educational model.s a

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