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The 3rd edition of the IPWCA Congress: a big HIT!

The 3rd edition of the IPWCA Congress about Pneumatic Solid Waste Collection as an official event of the Smart City Expo World Congress was held in Barcelona on November 15th.

This year under the slogan "Pneumatic waste collection: the right choice for my city" several speakers from different countries could be heard.

From Israel, the city of Netanya unveiled their new PWC project and presented the current panorama of this technology in their country, which already has several facilities.

The French company Suez raised its current vision and future perspectives on current systems in France.

Noteworthy the TelecomTc speach about the first pneumatic installation for a large stadium in the world: the VTB Arena Park in Moscow where both solid waste and organic fraction are collected with two independent systems.

On the other hand, from Italy Fenco presented the collection and pneumtaic transportation of food waste for an avian processing plant (13,000 birds per hour) that produces 120 tons of waste per day.

On the sustainability side, the University of Lleida showed an exhaustive study on the life cycle in a PWC installation applied to the 22 @ area of Barcelona.

Likewise, new and interesting technological innovations were presented, such as the "Local solution" and the "Total solution" by MariMatic or the "AWC Compact URD System", a novelty already made reality by URBAN REFUSE DEVELOPMENT (URD) -ROS ROCA.

The congress awarded the newly created prize "PWC Ambassador City" (City ambassador of the pneumatic collection) that distinguishes the commitment and trajectory that a city with this technology. On this occasion it was awarded to the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. With 7 systems in its Master Plan, about 60 km of pipes and more than 1,500 pour points, the modern and cutting-edge Salburua plant stands out, designed and built by the Spanish company URD.

With an existing attendance, the IPWCA congress is unquestionably consolidated as the international reference event within the sector of pneumatic waste collection.

Please contact us if you would like to have a copy of the presentations.

Thank you very much to all the attendants and to the speakers!

See you next year in our IV IPWCA Congress!

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