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AEROCOM: welcome to IPWCA

We are so proud to announce that the leading company in transportation from Israel, Aerocom has recently joined our Association.

Aerocom Israel is the largest and leading company in Israel and has 33 years of experience & reputation in the field of Pneumatic Transportation. The company specializes in providing large-scale transportation solutions with great flexibility and which are tailored to the customer's needs.

The company represents leading European and US manufacturers in their field, enabling them to provide a variety of unique logistics solutions that are at the forefront of technology in the industry.

The Company's employees and subcontractors have a 33-year seniority in the field and constitute the firm foundation of the Company.

The many years of experience and professional abilities accumulated in the planning, construction and maintenance of projects established under strict adherence to quality goals and timetables will continue to serve every future customer of the company.

The main activity of Aerocom Israel focuses on the following sectors:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers

  • Residential neighborhoods and residential towers

  • Large kitchens, catering complexes serving large group pf people.

Aerocom is currently engaged in several projects to supply pneumatic systems for waste collection in residential towers, and hospitals in Israel.

Aerocom regularly participates in a number of design teams to integrate, implement and supply pneumatic systems and has extensive knowledge in the field.

Welcome on board!

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