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RACKSTA in Vällingby Parkstad (Stockholm- Sweden) a new IPWCA member

IPWCA is very glad to welcome RACKSAT in Vällingby Parkstad – (Stockholms kommun) as a new member.

Stockholm. Vällingby: an update to cohesive density Nearly 60 years old, one of the original working-class ‘ABC’ (‘Work, Housing, Centre’) suburbs Vällingby continues to embody some of Stockholm’s successful principles of density. Unlike some of the new towns of its time, it planned for nearly 50% as many jobs as residents and had direct metro access to the city centre.

In recent years the city has invested in creating ‘ABC 2.0’, a contemporary model of density that mixes uses and overcomes the separation of different functions. It launched a redevelopment plan of over €100M to upgrade some of the housing stock, improve the design of public spaces and create new retail and cultural assets.

The current Hässelby-Vällingby vision 2030 focuses on social empowerment and cohesion in the neighborhood, and the area is noted for the consensus-based and participatory character of the renewal process.

PWV (Pneumatic Waste collection) it has been included as a new essential infrastructure.

The installation started in autumn 2013, and the whole system will serve 3,000 inhabitants and 1,400 apartments. In addition to the housing estate, it will serve commercial and shopping areas.

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