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IPWCA Congress 2017: a big HIT!

Mr. R. Roca - Smart City expo World Congress President opening the 20176 Congress

The second IPWCA Congress “……” celebrated in Barcelona on the 16tn November 2017 as an official Event of the Smart City expo world Congress it’s been a big hit.

We had the honor to have 7 high profile speakers that were sharing with all the audience (seats sold out!) their experience with the PWC systems.

Different approaches, angles , opinions and visons about PWC were hear and discussed through the nearly 5 hours that we spend together.

We listened to the voice from Cities : St. One (France), Vitoria (Spain) and Linköping (Sweden),

We also had the honor to listen to C40, probably the most more important worldwide_ organization fighting against the Climate Change and a leading consulting firm (JSLL) talking about planning and purchasing strategy from a city's perspective

Finally we had some technical innovations from to leading manufacturers: URD SL and MariMatic Oy.

A full menu of delicatessen!

We would like to thank you very much all the speakers and we would like to let know you that we are already working on 2018 edition. Save the date!

Do you want to have a copy of the presentations? Please send us an email to

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