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IPWCA: New Premium partner of bee Smart City

Great news: bee smart city and IPWCA have reached an agreement to collaborate.

We are very proud to be a Premium Partner of bee smart city, a global SMART CITY SOLUTION DATABASE to accelerate the development of smart cities around the world.

The SMART CITY SOLUTION DATA BASE provides free access to proven smart city solutions that have been implemented in more than 200 cities around the world.

Cities can easily identify best practice solutions to address urban challenges and to seize development opportunities. Companies can showcase their solutions and increase their visibility in the smart cities market to generate new leads.

From our perspective, it is an ecosystem of intelligent solutions that makes a city smart. Cities and municipalities across the globe can learn from each other and adapt best practice solutions to create more livable and prosperous places for their citizens. With the SMART CITY SOLUTION DATABASE, we will help increase transparency in the smart cities market and support communities in identifying, adapting and replicating suitable solutions that have been successfully implemented elsewhere”, states Bart Gorynski, Managing Partner at bee smart city.

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