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IPWCA & KnowurbanNet… making growing a great Think Tank!

IPWCA is happy to announce that is a driving member of knowurbannet, a terrific Think Tank .

KNOWURBANNET was born as a knowledge generation network to deal with the changes that we will live in the coming years. It is presented with the will to be an influential actor in these processes of transformation; economic, social, political, environmental, energy and in all areas of urban environments.

These processes will be developed extraordinarily in the cities that will be the main protagonists of these transformations; And this is where we want to focus as a community of knowledge focusing on the design and implementation of an intelligent, integral and sustainable urban development as the backbone of the cities of the future.

Xavier Izquierdo , Co founder and Direcor of KUN quotes: "The new global paradigm facing cities will require knowledge as a tool, and this knowledge will not be achieved with the competence of talent, but with the collaboration of it."

Thanks KUN for this excellent opportunity to work together with the aim to provide our Cities a better future!

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