New York City’s Roadmap to 80 x 50, produced by the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability - Mayor Bill de Blasio - is encouraging the use of Pneumatic Waste Management Systems.

This is what we can find on the chapter dedicated to Waste:

A pneumatic waste collection system is a sustainable waste management

system that connects buildings, transportation, solid waste and energy.

These systems can collect source-separated refuse from residential and commercial establishments and allow for:

• Processes that treat organics locally through anaerobic digestion to produce renewable energy in the form of electricity or natural gas which can be used:

• to power the treatment process

• as energy for buildings

• to heat homes

• for the production of alternative transportation fuels

• Diverting recyclables to local reuse opportunities, and

• Connecting the remaining waste to rail yards for transportation to facilities that have the technology to cleanly and efficiently convert the refuse into beneficial by-products.

These systems demonstrate the successful integration of new technologies and existing infrastructure to capture resources that have traditionally been underutilized.

They also provide a model for improving the management of source-separated waste in dense urban areas, and enhance fuel security and diversity by providing community-scale renewable energy while also reducing GHG emissions and criteria air pollutants through more efficient movement of materials.

Full text HERE

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