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IPWCA collaborating with WASTE4THINK project from Deusto Tech Energy- DEUSTO University

We are really excited to announce that IPWCA is collaborating with the project WASTE4THINK: “Moving towards Life Cycle Thinking by integrating Advanced Waste Management Systems” , lead by Dra. Ainhoa Alonso from the prestigious Deusto Tech Energy – DEUSTO UNIVERSITY.
The main objective of this project is to move forward the current waste management practices into a circular economy motto, demonstrating the value of integrating and validating a set of 20 eco-innovative solutions that cover all the waste value chain.
The benefits of these solutions will be enhanced by a holistic waste data management methodology, and will be demonstrated in 4 complementary urban areas in Europe.
This project is supported and financed by H2020 Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever.

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