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Is Market Ready for Pneumatic Solid Waste Collection?

I had the pleasure to listen to Mr. Aoun’s speech he gave in the Smart City World Expo in 2015. He gave a great lecture about smart cites and waste management. Mr. Aoun published a very interesting post this spring in LinkedIn: “The perfect storm for waste management?”

After reading it, I realized that it's a perfect starting point to introduce the pneumatic waste collection technology. Please, let me take some of his words:

“The waste management industry is still a reactive business…”

“In my view it’s time to reimagine what’s possible going forwards for the industry and the customers we serve”

“Insights include sustainability reporting, redistribution of bins, asset mapping and tracking, realignment of work force, reduction in customer complaints, impact on traffic in some congested places and positive feedback from citizens as they noticed the changes”

“Technology applied well can absolutely change the way we do what we do... We believe this is the future…”

We do not have any doubt that this tehcnology is fulfilling all the above points but much more The solid waste vacuum conveying was already brought into use almost 60 years ago but for many reasons the market was not ready for it.

Read more how IPWCA is promoting the use of pneumatic solid waste technology and bringing it "back from the future".

- Albert Mateu, Co-founder of IPWCA

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