Innoget Covid-19 Open Innovation Initiative & PWC 4.0

Ahead of the global Covid-19 outbreak, Innoget is leading the new established Innoget Covid-19 Open Innovation Initiative, aimed at supporting innovators worldwide in bringing forward innovative ideas to address some of the biggest challenges and issues of theCovid-19 pandemic. Innoget, in collaboration with the supporters and contributors of the initiative, is allocating the funds raised to mobilize scientific and expert communities to discover, share and develop innovative solutions with the main goal to stop the spread of Covid-19 and accelerate novel developments. IPWCA has joined this extraordinary initiative as an official contributor. Pneumatic waste Collection 4.0 is already a real

COVID-19 and Rethinking Waste Handling: the role that Pneumatic Waste Collection 4.0 can play

For the last two months, every day at 8 pm I have gone out to the balcony and, together with my neighbors, clapped for all of those, the nurses, doctors, nursing home staff, and others, who are in the trenches fighting against the covid-19 virus.. This is the least that we, as a society, can do right now.Unfortunately, this ongoing display of gratitude will someday come to an end, and history tells us that when a problem of this sort is over, we soon forget it. Now we have an opportunity to challenge this history: society—politicians, corporations, all of us--must change many things in an enduring way. We must do this, both for ourselves and for our descendants. Do you want to knwo the role

NYCHA Sustainability Agenda - 2020 Progress Report: Pneumatic Waste Collection moving forward!

NYCHA’s Sustainability Agenda, released on Earth Day 2016, is both a roadmap toward 2025 and an invitation to residents, housing and environmental advocates, community-based organizations, sister agencies, and educational institutions to work together to create a sustainable and resilient city. In March 2020, NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority ) released a Design-Build RFQ for a pneumatic waste collection system at Polo Grounds Towers in East Harlem. The system will provide residents with convenient disposal access for waste and recycling. Waste sent through the system will collect at a single location, making it convenient for DSNY pickup and eliminating the need for caretakers to trans


After few months of very intense work, lots of calculations and very accurated test verifications in real-scale, the first edition of the PIPING DIMENSIONING GUIDELINES & PERFORMANCE TEST PROCEDURES are out! The aim of this document is to provide the public Cities and private customers, the needed tools to verify, in the tendering phase, as well in the commissioning stage, a proposed design and offer for a system that fulfils the performance and technical requirements specified by the bidding document. Some of the proposed tests and calculations are intended to verify some critical parameters related to piping / system dimensioning, while the rest of the procedures, based on performance,

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