UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya): among the 30 best universities in the world in Civil Eng

The UPC (University Polytechnic of Catalonia): among the 30 best universities in the world in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Built Environment, is , for 4 years in a raw teaching Pneumatic Waste Collection 2.0, as part of the academic content of the PG course “Smart Cities: Urbanism, Technology and Sustainability”. The last decade has seen the emergence of a new urban paradigm: THE SMART CITY. Traditional concepts of living, working and leisure, been joined by a number of increasingly complex aspects that mean the role of the city must be defined in a new way. Sustainability, social cohesion, governance, innovation and resilience to changes in the environment are some of the factors th

One more year, IPWCA, official Collaborating Organization of the Smart City Expo World Congress 202

IPCWA is so proud that one more time, has renews it’s agreement with the Smart City Expo World congress, as an Official Collaborating Organization. This is a great proof that Pneumatic Waste Collection Technology belongs to the NDA of a Smart City bringing to the citizens a more sustainable and friendly city where to live: in a nut shell: a small but fundamental contribution to create a better world.

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