Master’s in Global Smart City Manager by IL3- University of Barcelona and Zigurat Institute of Tech

This master’s program, certified by IL3- University of Barcelona (87 world rank - CWUR World University Rankings ) together with Zigurat (and thanks to KnowUrban Net) is designed within the framework of the Smart City concept, in order to provide the participant with a multidisciplinary approach, while taking into account the emerging technological tools in urban contexts. The master train students to become Smart City Managers, who will lead departments of Smart Cities, with the aim of providing coherence to all the initiatives and projects of a city, from a smart and sustainable vision. For a third time, as part of the academic content, two full sessions are fully dedicated to Pneumatic

SCEWC 2019 is over: another year, another hit

The 2019 edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress is over and one more time has been a great success. From IPWCA we are really proud to be part of this event and to keep collaborating with them spreading the benefits of the AWCS (pneumatic Waste collection) for the future of our citys. wWell done and see you in 2020!

Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

Starting a new edition of the smart: 3 days of exciting conferences... Urban environment? smart infrastructures? Resilience? even mobility? where do you think that Pneumatic waste collection fits? all of them. Come to the expo and talk to us! an official collaborating organization of the SCEWC.

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