Teaching at the UPC: smart cities: urbanism, technology and sustainability

One more year, IPWCA is very proud to be Imparting a Master Class about PWC (pneumatic Solid Waste Collection) at the Master SMART CITIES: URBANISM, TECHNOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY“ from the prestigious - UPC School of Professional & Executive Development (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya). A bunch of great professionals ready to lead a new generation of more human Smart Cities. A great job done by Blanca Arellano, Director of the Course, keep doing it!

Singapore has increased by law its commitment to PWC

Singapore has increased its commitment to PWC systems after Parliament passed changes to the Environmental Public Health Act. The changes give Singapore the power to designate entire areas District Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (DPWCS) ‘zones’, whereby owners and occupiers located within the zone must use the system. The ruling comes just over six months since the country made PWCS mandatory in new developments with at least 500 dwellings. Singapore: leading the sustainability!

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