3rd IPWCA congress at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona "PWC: The right choice f

After the successful IPWCA congress in 2016 and 2017, as an official event of the Smart City Expo world Congress, here we come again for our 3r edition. The congress will be held on the 15th November 2018, at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Because Cities and Citizens are the essence of the association, we have chosen the time for our next congress: “PWC: the right choice for my city”. As the previous editions, we can promise high relevant speakers sharing terrace experiences, and you can not miss it: we would like to hear your though. Would you like to participate as a speaker or to submit a poster? Please, send to us an email to info@ipwca.com and we will contact you soon.

RACKSTA in Vällingby Parkstad (Stockholm- Sweden) a new IPWCA member

IPWCA is very glad to welcome RACKSAT in Vällingby Parkstad – (Stockholms kommun) as a new member. Stockholm. Vällingby: an update to cohesive density Nearly 60 years old, one of the original working-class ‘ABC’ (‘Work, Housing, Centre’) suburbs Vällingby continues to embody some of Stockholm’s successful principles of density. Unlike some of the new towns of its time, it planned for nearly 50% as many jobs as residents and had direct metro access to the city centre. In recent years the city has invested in creating ‘ABC 2.0’, a contemporary model of density that mixes uses and overcomes the separation of different functions. It launched a redevelopment plan of over €100M to upgrade some o

Master class “smart-cities-urbanism-technology-sustainability" - UPC School of Professional &am

One more year, we can be really proud to be teaching PWC at the Postgraduate course “SMART CITIES: URBANISM, TECHNOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY 2018”. A highly prepared gup of professionals and future leaders were participating, and after some an intense theoretical part, we went through a terrific workshop: great conclusions for a better future! This SMART CITIES: URBANISM, TECHNOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY course arises from the evident need to prepare professionals linked to the planning and management of the city in terms of the innovation, participation, quality of life and sustainability that the ICTs can bring to the optimisation of urban processes. The course aims to train specialists to beco

IPWCA: New Premium partner of bee Smart City

Great news: bee smart city and IPWCA have reached an agreement to collaborate. We are very proud to be a Premium Partner of bee smart city, a global SMART CITY SOLUTION DATABASE to accelerate the development of smart cities around the world. The SMART CITY SOLUTION DATA BASE provides free access to proven smart city solutions that have been implemented in more than 200 cities around the world. Cities can easily identify best practice solutions to address urban challenges and to seize development opportunities. Companies can showcase their solutions and increase their visibility in the smart cities market to generate new leads. “From our perspective, it is an ecosystem of intelligent solution

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