The number of Cities and other members is growing inside IWPCA! We are so happy and so proud to welcome on board the following new members (By alphabetical order) CITY OF BARCELONA CITY OF BERGEN CITY OF BILBAO BIR NETT AS DEUSTO TECH ENERGY JÄTKÄSAAREN (CITY OF HELSINKI) KALASATAMAN KRUUNUVUORENRANNAN ODENSE WASTE MANAGEMENT PIRKAN PUTKIKERÄYS (TAMPERE) CITY OF PORTUGALETE SAGRERA ALTA VELCITAT CITY OF VITRY-SUR-SEINE What are you waiting for to join us??


Fulfilling the commitments that IPWCA assumed for 2017, we are collaborating with prestigious universities around the world. Last week we were honored to teach a Master Class about Pneumatic Waste Collection at the MASTER: SMART CITIES: URBANISM, TECHNOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY imparted by the UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA - UPC. After a theoretical block, we did a workshop designing the PWC system and quantifying the environmental & resilience benefits for an area of Boston. Great bunch of "Smart" participants and Thanks to Blanca Arellano, the Master’s Director. About the Master… A new urban paradigm has emerged over the last decade: THE SMART CITY. The traditional concepts of living

Manhattan: below the High Line: How pneumatic tubes could alter the future of urban waste Collection

The prestigious magazines “Smart Cities Dive” and “Waste dive” have released this very interesting article about an initiative to install Pneumatic waste collection in Manhattan as part of a holistic (burt realistic) project. IPWCA is interviewed talking about the benefits that PWC could bring to the project. Cole Rosenberg, the writes is highlighting: “…the potential savings in labor, fuel, emissions and space are very attractive for a city such as New York with a growing population and an ambitious goal of "zero waste" by 2030” You could find the full article Here: "Smart Cities Dive"


C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. Following our commitment to help the organizations and institutions around the World fighting for a better planet, we are really proud to announce that IPWCA is going to conduct a webinar about PWC for C40 members. Acting both locally and collaboratively, C40 cities are having a meaningful global impact in reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. C40 brings together a unique set of assets and creates a shared sense of purpose. C40 offers cities an effective forum where they can collaborate, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change. IPWCA is re


IPWCA has the honor to be recognized by the Organization 100RC (pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation) as a SMA (Subject Matter Advisory) specialized in Pneumatic Waste Collection and it's connection with Urban Resilience. PWC has been proved in many cases, like in Tokio or New York, as a reliable technology to make cities more resilient. 100RC members can contac 100RC and ask an assesment provided by IPWCA on how Pneumatic Waste Collection can improve its Urban resilience. More about 100RC... 100RC supports the adoption and incorporation of a view of resilience that includes not just the shocks—earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.—but also the stresses that weaken the fabric of a city on a d

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