Why Cities Cannot Survive Without an Effective Freight System?

A new report has been published for highlighting the importance of urban goods movement, explaining why cities cannot survive without an effective freight system. It also highlights the challenges cities face in moving goods, focusing specifically on livability and streets, buildings, the environment, and people and technology and suggests a number of strategies that key policy and decision makers can use to improve their urban goods movement system. The report Why Goods Movement Matters has been downloaded to IPWCA Publications. Report is originally downloaded from here.

Is Market Ready for Pneumatic Solid Waste Collection?

I had the pleasure to listen to Mr. Aoun’s speech he gave in the Smart City World Expo in 2015. He gave a great lecture about smart cites and waste management. Mr. Aoun published a very interesting post this spring in LinkedIn: “The perfect storm for waste management?” After reading it, I realized that it's a perfect starting point to introduce the pneumatic waste collection technology. Please, let me take some of his words: “The waste management industry is still a reactive business…” “In my view it’s time to reimagine what’s possible going forwards for the industry and the customers we serve” “Insights include sustainability reporting, redistribution of bins, asset mapping and tracking, re

IPWCA Council Member Speaking at Urban Design Forum

Juliette Spertus from ClosedLoops gives a speech in the Urban Design Forum on 15 June 2016 in New York. The event focuses on conversations on the future of freight in New York. How can we most effectively divide the street to move people and goods? And how can we leverage other forms of infrastructure to dispatch groceries, packages, and even waste through the city? Learn more of the Urban Design Forum web site. Image Credit: High Line Corridor Pneumatic Waste Initiative network overview, Colin Curley for ClosedLoops (via Urban Omnibus).

New manufacturer members have joined IPWCA

We are very proud to announce that two remarkable pneumatic waste collection manufacturers have joined the association. Transvac Solutions, an American company based in Colorado and also Urban Refuse Development - Ros Roca Environment, a Spanish company based in Tarrgega are now members of IPWCA. Both companies, having a seat on the Board of Directors, will definitely contribute their experience and knowledge to achieve a high degree of excellence in the association. Welcome on board! See other members of IPWCA in the membership page

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