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The aim of this document is to provide the public (Cities) or private customers, the needed tools to verify, in the tendering phase, as well in the commissioning stage, a proposed design and offer for a system that fulfils the performance and technical requirements specified by the bidding document.



Some of the proposed tests and calculations are intended to verify some critical parameters related to piping / system dimensioning, while the rest of the procedures, based on performance, will verify energy consumption and waste conveyance, depending on density, distance and system capacity.



Calculations shall be verified according the corresponding procedures that are included in this document by a recognized / accredited independent consultant, engineering company, IPWCA, etc. appointed by the customer.

We are updating the document to a   new & better version.


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IPWCA will not assume any responsibility for incorrect readings, inaccurate entry information, wrong calcluations and inyterpretations and cannot accept any responsibility for any consequences that occur should an inaccurate use take place.

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